2013 World chocolate masters

with marike van beureden


This is certainly the most delicious collaboration yet!

The World Chocolate Masters (WCM) is the premier international competition solely dedicated to the art of chocolate. Since its start in 2005, the WCM has been dedicated to specific themes like Surrealism and Haute Couture. The 2013 event focused on "The Architecture of Taste", where Pastry chefs and Chocolatiers from all around the world have to express their architectural skills through taste. In addition to composing flavors, they were to study and design new shapes and textures, in which chocolate plays a fundamental role.

McNabb was honored to collaborate with master patissier chocolatier, Marike van Beureden, for her entry into the 2013 WCM competition. James crafted a unique selection of abstracted skyscrapers which were then cast in the world’s finest chocolates and utilized in Marike's stunning compositions.

Marike and her team did a phenomenal job, and ultimately took home the title of 2nd Place overall, with special awards also won Best Pastry and Best Moulded Praline. Congrats Marike!